U.S. Military Veteran Family Resource Center

Assists Veterans to Reclaim  their integrity, Revive their spirit and Restore them to their communities

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Welcome to The U.S. Military Veteran Family Resource Center, Inc. Our resource center serves the Veteran and  Veteran family educating them on US Code Title 38 and the code of federal regulations for benefits that most Veterans have little or no knowledge. 

We educate veterans and spouses on the process and steps to present required documentation through veteran service organizations.   The USVFRC will complete the research of Title 38 and refer the results to a  VSO (Veteran Service Organization) who submits all claims to Department of Veteran Affairs for processing.  The resource center, will strive to eliminate the mental and emotional stress a Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces normally endures during the The Department of Veterans Affairs claims process .  Patience is one of the many challenges the Veteran experiences while applying for his/her VA benefits. Together, we will
reclaim your integrity, revive your spirit, and restore your dignity as a taxpaying citizen.   

We not only educate you in obtaining your benefits; the organization will educate you to what US Code Title 38 stipulates in the areas of service connected disability, dependent indemnity compensation (DIC), death and  education benefits .

U.S. Military Veteran Family Resource Center, Inc., is here to serve the Veteran, Veteran spouse and Veteran orphan in the following areas:

  • Family counseling

    We will educate you to various  benefits you may  be Entitled !

    Free No Cost To You !

    U.S. Military Veteran Family Resource Center


  • Assist the veteran and family members in US Code Title 38 research on benefits with the Department of Veterans Affairs. 
  • Assist and educate veterans and family members on US code Title 38 and federal regulations pertaining to:Veteran Burial Benefits, Pension and  Dependent Compensation (DIC) for surviving family members of deceased veterans.
  • Assist veterans in applying for health care benefits.
  • Visit and assist veterans and family members that reside in senior citizens homes/ nursing home to acquire services. 
  • Provide assistance to  veterans  released from federal/state/county institutions, obtain  rehabilitation through state, federal or county provided programs specially set aside to assist the veteran and family member transition/re-enter back into his/her community. 
  • Attain housing for homeless veterans (through HUD programs, and Housing counseling)
  • Educate veterans who have received less than honorable separation discharge (DD214) ,acquire veteran benefits and services.
  • Assist veterans and family members in acquiring educational benefits.
  • Direct all veterans to available services under the Department of Veteran Affairs.