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Assists Veterans to Reclaim  their integrity, Revive their spirit and Restore them to their communities


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I am a Korean Combat  Veteran. Mr. Gambles encouraged and assisted me in reopening my claim. I had given upafter being denied numerous times. As a result of Clyde Gamble's tireless efforts and hours of research, afterallthese years, I am receiving benefits that  I did not believe I was entitled . As such my  spirit is revived.
-Otis F.

My Husband was a World War II veteran his life was impacted by  an explosion that he was exposed to during the war. Mr. Gamble's intense research proved that his death was a result of  injuries aggravated by his military service.
-Adverse J.

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Clyde Gambles assisted me in submitting a DD149 to overturn an Other Than Honorable Discharge.  As a result I received a Honorable Discharge. I served in combat in the Vietnam War over 40 years ago, I now receive my health benefits.
-Elliott A.

I am a Vietnam veteran who was incarcerated for 2 years. After my release, I resided in a tool shed in the backyard of a family member. Mr. Gambles helped me to receive my non-service connected disability and other benefits for the remainder of my life.
-Wesley A.

My husband served in the active Army and the National Guard during the Vietnam and Gulf Wars. After his death I lived in poverty for years. Mr. Gambles helped me to restore my dignity. I now receive Dependant Indemnity Compensation (DIC).
-Bertha B.

I am a Vietnam combat Veteran,currently on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. By word of mouth I  heard about  the services provided by  Clyde Gambles in the communities.  I contacted Rev. Gambles to inquire about Veteran Death Benefits. Through talking with him I discovered I was eligible for VA Health benefits and Veteran Death Benefits. 
-Howard T.